RELEASE: Oil & Gas Workers Association Endorses Markwayne Mullin for U.S. Senate

Tulsa, O.K. — The Oil & Gas Workers Association has endorsed leading U.S. Senate candidate Markwayne Mullin to fill the unexpired term of retiring Senator Jim Inhofe. Oil & Gas Workers Association President and Founder Matt Coday released the following statement on behalf of the organization’s 46,000 members representing 33 U.S. states:

“Our industry, jobs, Sooner State, and nation are under attack,” said Matt Coday, President and Founder, Oil & Gas Workers Association. “America’s Oil & Gas Workers need fighters who will not back down to the Biden administration, the radical Green New Disaster left, extreme environmentalists, and hostile foreign nations. Markwayne Mullin is an experienced leader on energy and commerce. In the Senate, Markwayne will keep working to roll back costly and unnecessary regulations that hinder domestic oil & gas production and threaten our economy and national security.”

“On behalf of the Board of Directors and National Advisory Board, I am excited to announce that the Oil & Gas Workers Association proudly endorses Markwayne Mullin for Senate and encourages all Oklahomans to support his campaign with your vote. Our jobs, families, the great State of Oklahoma, and nation depend on it,” Coday concluded.

“As a lifelong fighter for American energy security, I know that our oil and gas industry is critical to preserve our national security and economic prosperity,” said Markwayne Mullin. “The far-Left has unleashed an anti-American assault on our oil and gas industry in favor of their reckless, Socialist Green New Deal agenda which will leave Americans in the dark. I’m proud to work alongside the Oil & Gas Workers Association to promote Oklahoma-made energy, power our economy, and protect oil and gas jobs. It’s an honor to have the Oil & Gas Workers Association’s strong endorsement in our fight to Save America.”

The Oil & Gas Workers Association is a nonpartisan, independent, member-supported trade association working to secure, grow, and sustain American oil & gas jobs.